About Us

Siam Garden Thai Restaurant provides every single visitor with not only mouthwatering dishes but a friendly and soothing environment. It is definitely the place for those who want to pamper themselves or give their loved ones a special treat.

Siam Garden specials

Yum Beef

Slices of beef mixed in spices with onions, cilantro, scallions, and bell peppers. Served on bed of lettuce.

Prawns in Chili Sauce

Lightly breaded and fried prawns topped with onions and bell peppers in chili sauce. Served on a bed of mixed vegetables.

Sizzling Duck

Crispy boneless duck served on a platter of mixed vegetables, onions, bell peppers, and clove duck sauce.

  • Jenn D.

    Great new addition to the east Orlando / Waterford area! It's a nice mom/pop feel with beautiful decor. We ordered the chicken pad Thai and beef pad se ew. Both were delicious and had plenty of protein! I was surprised by the generous portions. Definitely recommend to friends and family in the area!

    Jenn D.
  • Harvey N.

    I have been looking for some great Thai food in the Orlando area. Well, it looks like I finally found my go to place! The food was very fresh and tasty! I had the Panang Curry--very flavorful and authentic! The music is very relaxing as well. I will be back again for sure!

    Harvey N.
  • Denesh D.

    We are very excited for this new location in East Orlando. Siam Garden is our favorite Thai restaurant and we have been going to the original Winter Park location for many years. The food was excellent and we have never been disappointed here. The staff is attentive and friendly.

    Denesh D.
  • Conde B.

    This is the best Thai restaurant in the area, I really loved the rice and the pat Thai, quantities are more than enough and service is great, atmosphere is very comfortable and music relaxing.

    Conde B.
  • Virginia T

    So glad to experience a great Thai restaurant with awesome lunch specials. Food is delicious and staff are friendly. When a place this good comes to your neighborhood it makes you feel fortunate. Really enjoyed the atmosphere too.

    Virginia T
  • Lucero Lawhun

    Food was excellent! We had a Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken Panang and both were really good!! Very tasty and fresh! Good service too! We are very familiar with Thai food and this restaurant is going to be one of our favorites ! Definitely recommended!

    Lucero Lawhun
  • Emily Soto

    Couldn’t have been more pleased with the food and service! We are new to the area and are now going to be regulars here for sure!! The shrimp pad thai and the garlic chicken and shrimp were amazing.

    Emily Soto